Kailashupuri, Sundarpur, Varanasi, U.P.

With a fleet of Biansh Construction Pvt. Ltd. equipment manned by skilled workers and engineers, effortlessly make concrete roads which reduce maintainance cost & time and serve nation.

Our effective Cordination ensure smooth sailing of the projects from begining to end, this has resulted into successfull track record of construction of more than 200km of concrete and 200km of flexible roads.

Biansh Construction Pvt. Ltd. road porfolio is bound to grow in forthcoming years.

Our Highway team has reach experience in constructing road work in adequate time and developed new idea to construct footpath with kerb machine instead of laying bricks manually.

We are looking to modify old idea of constructing road in order to reduce time which is big concern for highway projects these day.

We have experience of execution of BRTS project also from Gujarat govt.

We have undertaken several bridge construction, VUP and PUP construction from our client from Highway & DFCC Projects on item rate basis.

We are commited to take & complete major bridges independently in coming years.

Agriculture accounts for around 17% of the GDP and is the largest employer in the country however, it is proven beyond doubt that the true potential of agriculture in the country is not realised due to scarcity of irrigation infrastructure in place, We at Biansh Construction Pvt. Ltd. strive to correct this inadequacy.

We have completed lining & wall of Narmada Canal in gujarat by Paver.

Biansh Construction Pvt. Ltd. is looking forward to irrigate a lush green tomorrow.

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